• Message from the President

BF&S Supports House Bill 1002

INDOT and local agencies have been doing the best they can with limited and diminishing resources. For several years, the buying power of existing transportation funding revenue has declined while our aging infrastructure has caused rehabilitation and reconstruction costs to increase. Any delay in addressing this asset management issue will only cost us more in the future.

The US Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration Pavement Preservation Compendium has noted that for every $1 invested on preservation while a pavement is rated as fair or better condition, will eliminate or delay spending $6 to $10 on future rehabilitation or reconstruction when the condition becomes poor or worse. Increased funding would allow Indiana to properly maintain its roads reducing the overall cost of the transportation system as well as the vehicular maintenance costs to the roadway users.

Beyond monies for repair and maintenance, additional funding and revenue is also necessary to provide for future transportation needs. Planning for the future includes the proposed construction of Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects noted in the Statewide assessment completed by Conexus Indiana Logistics Council and the Blue Ribbon Commission. These projects will enhance safety, allow expansion to relieve congestion and provide new corridors to spur economic development.

The time has come for us to make a long-term investment in Indiana's roads and bridges. BF&S urges the passage of HB1002 as the much-needed funding solution. The proposed legislation includes a gas and diesel tax adjustment for inflation, to restore the buying power to 2017 levels. It also outlines indexing the gas tax going forward to preserve the future buying power and prevent the reoccurrence of eroding revenue due to inflation. Finally, it provides the replacement of a general fund revenue source so that the balance of the Indiana sales tax on gas (4.5% of 7%) can be dedicated solely to roads.

Contact your legislators today and ask for their support of HB 1002. With a long-term funding solution in place, we will be able to proudly maintain our moniker as the "Crossroads of America".

John W. Brand